Jr. Athlete Development


BerlinAre you looking to develop your child into an elite athlete? Are you unsure what sport(s) your child will decide to play as they get older? Do you want them to have the most opportunities available to them when it comes time to decide? Junior athlete development is the program for them.
Our class offers unique movements, drills and exercises that you simply will NOT find in any other junior program.  It's time to get away from the early age one sport focus and start training the way all elite athletes once did as children (Michael Jordan, Michael Phelps, Russell Wilson, etc).  

In our program, juniors will move through age appropriate drills first teaching the fundamental movements of life and progress through the basic and specific sports skills that will translate into speed strength, agility and coordination to assist in developing your child into an elite athlete, appropriately.  Kids in America today are being taught too early in life to focus on one sport, which is counterproductive to the long term athlete development model.  You will not find a junior program out there that compares to this one.  It's time to get kids back on track, on purpose to allow them the most opportunities for the their futures, Classes are interactive, fun, different from week to week and most importantly effective.  

About the instructor: Berlin started his adventure in the fitness world at a very young age.  Like most kids 10, 20 and 30 years ago Berlin spent his entire childhood working through the junior athlete development model by accident, by being involved in multiple sports throughout the calendar year and not the single sport focus, like most kids are being taught today.  Berlin graduated with a degree in Exercise Science  in 2006 wile becoming a certified trainer and strength and conditioning specialist.  He spend four years coaching basketball and golf, ten years with strength and conditioning programs, weight loss programs, and hundreds of hours working with kids, Berlin believes that individuals only reach their highest potential with professional coaching.  It's time to get our kids back on track by teaching proper progression age appropriate skill development.  Prepare for the future, after all, separation is in the preparation.  

Late Registration is accepted, classes will be prorated at $15 per class.  
Drop in fee: $15 per class

Please visit www.mazathletics.com or call (425) 753-6375 for more information about the instructor or the class.

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 Snow Day Make up -  March 9th at set class time

 Ages Day  Dates
 3-5  Thursday 
 6-9  Thursday 
 4/13-6/29  6:15-7:45pm
 $200  Lodge
10-14  Thursday  4/13-6/29  4:00-5:30pm  $200  Lodge

 No class on 4/20 & 6/1

Summer Session focuses on outdoor training and play.  More time will be spent with speed, strength and
sports training as compared to the spring classes.  For maximum progression, the instructor recommends enrollment in both spring and summer class.  

 Ages  Day  Dates Time   Fee  Location
3-5   Thursday  7/6-8/24  4:30-5:15pm  $120  Lodge
6-9   Thursday  7/6-8/24  5:15-6:45pm  $160  Lodge
10-14   Thursday   7/6-8/24  3:00-4:30pm  $160  Lodge